2 Trucos o Formas de Reparar Tubería PVC Sin Cortarla y Sin Cerrar La Llave De Paso – Plomería – PVC

Aquí Te Muestro Dos Formas De Como Reparar Una Tuberia PVC Sin Necesidad De Cortarla Y Sin Cerrara La Llave De Paso

Activa los subtitulos del video🤗


37 comentarios en “2 Trucos o Formas de Reparar Tubería PVC Sin Cortarla y Sin Cerrar La Llave De Paso – Plomería – PVC

  1. A short length of pvc pipe and two compression joints and a permanent fix takes 15mins. Why waste time.

    On my daughters outside tap I only needed the pipe and two olives to replace the short section that burst. No plumber required……just a proper youtube vid of a proper repair

    Repeated on a copper pipe this Xmas when no plumber available. Youtube, a compression fitting, cut out the bad bit, put in the joint, done. 15mins.

    Don't bodge something that is easier to fix properly

  2. I am truly trying to think of a scenario where you would have a spare section of pipe, but no time to do a proper repair by getting 2 couplers and pipe cement. Makes no sense to go through all of this effort when Home Depot and Lowes ate in every community.

  3. This has to be the most stupid video on the internet. Just fix the pipe with couplings, pipe and pvc cement. This disaster of a repair doesn’t respect the building code or common sense.

  4. This is pissing me tf off! You literally spent more time doing all that extra gay shit when you could of done it right to begin with and saved time plus now you're still going to have to go back and eventually fix it again. I hate these videos.

  5. So the second quick patch was definitely how my grandfather taught me to do it if you needed a quick fix. So you could fix it properly later. Of course the pipes to the swamp cooler and ac in his shop never got properly fix but they worked.

  6. Buraco na camisinha? Sem problema! Pegue uma outra camisinha, corte a ponta dela. Pegue um pneu de monareta e corte o bico dela. Cole as duas juntos e pronto! Nasceu uma menina!
    O cara tinha um outro pedaço de cano e inves de trocar me faz um xunxo desses…

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