🚨 ANOTHA ONE 🚨 Lionel Messi firing on ALL cylinders! | SportsCenter

On SportsCenter, Luis Miguel Echegaray recaps Lionel Messi’s two-goal performance for Inter Miami, now with 3 goals in his first two matches.
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17 comentarios en “🚨 ANOTHA ONE 🚨 Lionel Messi firing on ALL cylinders! | SportsCenter

  1. The way you coudnt care less about Ronaldo going to Arabia, but now talk about it everyday in a ridiculous non competitive league says volumes about you re double standard. Vomiting

  2. I'm so exited Messi is playing here in the US. I'm a fan for over 20 years fallow his career since he move to Mexico than to Spain, I watched him played in Bernabeu stadium against Real Madrid. Love to have the best Footballer here the GOAT. Many of us already subscribe to apple TV and also to InterMiami all because of Messi. Viva el futbol y futbalmania❤

  3. I used to think it might’ve been harder to take the worst team in MLS & make them champion than making a good team like Argentina World Cup champion, but it seems he might be able to pull it off again! MLS better start investing in midfielders & defenders, that way the league can grow

  4. Wth? It's not Atlanta who was bad. It is Messi and Busquets who were clinical in their passes, their playmaking. Look man, we are talking about the greatest player of all time, the best CDM of his generation tearing apart defenders. They both have been doing this for over a decade, tearing apart the best teams in Europe. Suddenly you said Atlanta was bad because Messi and Busquets tore them apart? Get real man.

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