Does Messi's dominance shine a bad light on MLS? 👀 REACTION to Inter Miami vs. Atlanta United

The ESPN FC crew reacts to Lionel Messi’s performance in Inter Miami’s 4-0 win over Atlanta Untied in the Leagues Cup, a match in which Messi scored 2 goals and had an assist.

0:00 Messi’s dominance
10:00 Luis Suarez to stay at Gremio

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17 comentarios en “Does Messi's dominance shine a bad light on MLS? 👀 REACTION to Inter Miami vs. Atlanta United

  1. Honestly playing turf FOR A MAJOR LEAGUE IN NORTH AMERICA is just crazy. The amount of strain on the ankles and knees when accelerating and deaccelerating is gonna take a toll on Messi, Busi, and Jordi who has played on natural for their whole career

  2. MLS is a crappy league if ranked in the world, way below the 2nd divisions of England, Germany or even France. Of course a top player like Messi (or others before him like Zlatan) will outshine anyone else.

  3. this is an oportuity for the mls, to grow becouse all the teams need a level +A defender, and becouse the next copa america is in america… The MLS need to be the next Usa Futbo… Que no te llene, la Liga de Sudacas..JAJJAJA…

  4. The MLS and the Mexican league already shone a bad light upon themselves decades before Messi. Those are leagues that (at least for many here in Argentina and in South America in general) are seen as amateur -ish. Messi goin there has put BILLIONS of new eyes on the MLS particularly. To be honest, the first half of the first game against Cruz Azul was aweful to say the least. I've never ever in my life seen players playing so bad it hurt my eyes. Both teams looked silly. That until Lio and Sergio entered the pitch. That changed Miami instantly, and the thing kept improving in the second and third game, to the point that Yedlin looked live prime Dani Alves and Taylor like Neymar! Once that team gels and all the new players are a 100% fit, they will be almost unstoppable. So far I've watched like 10 games from this whatsitsname cup, and except Inter Miami, all the rest of the teams (from MLS and the mexican league) are really bad, almost unwatchable football! Messi will change that 'cause all the other teams will have to step up their games with big name players otherwise they will be left behind.

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