Has Messi already made Miami the most FEARED team in MLS?! 🫣 | Leagues Cup Recap

The Morning Footy crew recap the Leagues Cup where Lionel Messi scored a brace on his second game for Inter Miami.

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30 comentarios en “Has Messi already made Miami the most FEARED team in MLS?! 🫣 | Leagues Cup Recap

  1. I am from Philippines, I am a new subscriber here but I am disappointed on how you presented your thoughts, let others finish his view first before you talk, RESPECT is a big word here. You are an absolute embarrassment to the whole world wide viewers. I came to watch your channel because I love Messi with his talent and character, follow him to make your channel grow.

  2. Opponent just has to press high against Inter and they'll crumble. Their backline is bad in set pieces/in general. Wonder how long it takes for these mls managers to realize You cant give time and space for Busquets. Should make for interesting viewing because of opponents of Inter have no choice but to attack.

  3. I am UK and following Messi in USA.. Forgetting soccer for a second, look at the beauty, energy and happiness that one person can bring to an entire world. I am delighted for the USA as they need this so much at a time when there is so much ugliness.. Its great and infectious watching American fans being infected by the Messi Covid virus that only yields love and happiness

  4. A suggestion – the interruptions are fun once in a while, but almost nobody on this panel spoke for 5 seconds without someone interjecting and interrupting. A bit more professionalism required.

  5. Messi is one of the greatest footballer who ever played the game. Busquets and Messi were on the legendary Barcelona team that dominated European soccer. Now MLS players are consciously or unconsciously raising their game so they can compete on the field.

  6. @cbssportsgolazo – For a moment here and a moment there, someone would make an interesting point or an observation and then try to expand, and then all the men began speaking at once and it became impossible to follow. This is the most frequent topic by far with the most likes by far. Hope your panel and producers look at this thread and learn from it.

  7. Calm down Nico, stay in your lane. If someone like ZLATAN himself can admit Messi is the best & shouldn’t be taken for granted then I’m pretty sure MLS players can ask for autographs/photos.

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