Messi Mania is the REAL DEAL 🔥 | SportsCenter

Kevin Connors and Zubin Mehenti of SportsCenter recap Lionel Messi’s starting debut in Inter Miami’s 4-0 victory over Atlanta United.

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25 comentarios en “Messi Mania is the REAL DEAL 🔥 | SportsCenter

  1. There was easy 5 facts they got wrong so Al just mention 2 to make it easy one tata managed Messi twice once at barca and once with Argentina and 2 arguable the greatest player no the greatest player name 1 better than him u can't so we ain't going to hold our breaths

  2. even if Messi is not the best player in the world now, he is still top 3, and either way, for a player like that to play in the MLS is amazing. i said it before and i will say it again, the way cruyf revoltionized Barca and football in europe years ago both as a player and coach, Messi has set out to do just that, but in America. imagine Messi impact making the MLS in 5-10 years be comparable to Europe in terms of football quality and interest in the sport.

  3. He has accomplished everything and just spending the remaining fuel in the tank enjoying playing in an easy league(for his standards).He is just having fun and vacationing in Miami.What a life man…he worked for it tbh.

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