Realistic goals for Lionel Messi & Inter Miami this season? | ESPN FC Extra Time

On today’s edition of ESPN FC Extra Time, Dan Thomas is joined by Kieran Gibbs, Sebastian Salazar and Steward Robson to discuss:

0:00 Steward Robson needs a heli-
0:31 Realistic goals for Inter Miami?
2:26 Thoughts on Aaron Ramsdale?
4:47 Arsenal’s depth vs. Man City
6:40 Easier to wind up: Seb or Stevie?
7:00 Seb vs. Stevie in their prime!?
8:58 Should Arsenal loan out Emile Smith Rowe?
10:49 Would Mbappe or Haaland come to MLS?
11:58 Seb calling players «dudes»
12:19 Playing for Arsene Wenger
14:05 Start, Bench, Drop: Ronaldinho, Neymar and Kaká

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34 comentarios en “Realistic goals for Lionel Messi & Inter Miami this season? | ESPN FC Extra Time

  1. I think the signing of Busquets along with Messi is key. He's pretty much transitioning play from defence to attack and giving it to Messi to work his magic.

  2. Is it Messi or is that now have the pieces to play proper foot?!
    An it’s a spot coin for mls makes them step the game up in club and she’s what proper football looks like!!

  3. What a waste of time this video is. Clickbait at its finest. The title of the video suggests an in-depth discussion on Miami and we get a 15 minute video in which the topic is only discussed for 60 seconds? Gtfooh.

  4. Let's be clear, it's not the "American lifestyle" that attracts people. It's the extreme wealth inequality, and the way we place celebrity on a pedestal and afford them types of exclusivity they don't have in other countries.

  5. We all knew Messi would be world class for Miami, what wasn't quite so clear coming into this was just how much Busquets has transformed the rest of the team. That extra control in transition has made the rest of the players look so much better

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