Recapping Lionel Messi's Highlights vs. Atlanta United

Messi Rewind presented by adidas has all the sights and sounds from Messi’s second-ever MLS match.

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31 comentarios en “Recapping Lionel Messi's Highlights vs. Atlanta United

  1. I think it's fair to say that Messi might just be able to single handedly propel Inter Miami to the championship finals, or win the whole damn thing ! He is a freak of nature, no one can ever match!

  2. I played College football (soccer) at the University of Cape Town and this MLS level seems to me so low and below par that I could easily play here and be among he best players in the league this is s ridiculous. No wonder Messi seems to be like he is playing with teens, the level is so poor.

  3. I know people love his goals, but for me I just love the technical parts of his game. Nothing fancy, but his first touch, decision making, ability to turn in tight spaces, the absolute versatility, precision and cleanness of his passing, the vision, and also the intelligence to know which runs his teammates are going to make. I enjoy that more than his goals. It's the same reason I love(d) David Silva, Gundogan and Bernardo Silva on the club team I support.

  4. Imagine getting a couple of quick goals to secure the win then just taking it easy so that you can assist and help your team mates score the rest! The guys top class, such a joy to watch!! GOAT!

  5. as Zlatan Ibrahimovic once said…The french are the most arrogant people in this world…Messi proved it… he was never appreciated in PSG…things got worse after the world cup when Messi beat the french.

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