Greatest Goals Ever By Lionel Messi

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Prepare to witness football magic at its finest as I take you on an unforgettable journey through Lionel Messi’s most spectacular and awe-inspiring goals of all time.
In this video, I have curated a selection of Lionel Messi’s most remarkable goals, showcasing his incredible dribbling, precision finishing, and instinctive playmaking abilities. Brace yourself as you watch these moments of sheer brilliance unfold, making you believe in the impossible.


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39 comentarios en “Greatest Goals Ever By Lionel Messi

  1. Serious question: Is it some copyright issue that all these videos are always that badly cut?
    Those videos/goals would be FAR more enjoyable and easier to follow if the camera angle stayed the same throughout the entire gameplay. With the cuts 5 times within a scene, it's near impossible to follow, as you continuously have to find the players again. Not only on this channel, but this is super common in football channels on youtube.
    What's the reason for this?

  2. Messi is a standards unit for measuring football players skills. Like mbappe is 0.5messis.
    Cristiano ronaldo 0.65 messis may be.
    Hence forth footbaling terms would follow theses system. 1 messi being LEONEL MESSI HIMSELF.

  3. รถกระบะมิตรซูมิชิสีดำตลาดท่าม่วงทีมบาเซโลน่า ใช่ปล่าวครับเนี้ย

  4. Regarding Pele, I saw Pele play when I was a teenager, in Miami around 1974. The NASL team, I believe the New York Cosmos signed him and everywhere he went, huge crowds came to see the legend. He came to Miami to play the Gatos. He was older by then but still when he touched the ball, the crowd would rise in anticipation, just like they did with Wayne Gretzky in hockey and Michael Jordan in basketball, Pele was considered the best at that time to play soccer. I believe Messi has far surpassed everyone in terms of overall skill, he is just on another level. I wish I had paid more attention to soccer the last 15 years, but I missed most of Messi's prime due to working too much! There is a really good documentary on Pele on Netflix, that was done just a couple years before he passed away. Seeing him old and fragile really

  5. Xem clip này mới thấy khả năng thiên phú của Messi. Từ cướp bóng, dẫn dắt, qua người, kiến tạo và ghi bàn điêu luyện của Messi kéo dài trong suốt sự nghiệp. Thật rất xứng đáng là một thiên tài.

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