19 comentarios en “Lionel Messi $9 Million Penthouse In Miami Is INSANE 🇺🇸🔥 #messi #football #shorts

  1. Did I know Lionel Messi’s $9 million penthouse in Miami is absolutely stunning? No, I did not know that. How would I know that Lionel Messi’s $9 million penthouse in Miami would be absolutely stunning?

  2. Nowhere near Miami, Bal Harbour is lame, traffic in Aventura is worst in the world and Russian Mafia in Sunny Isles. Enjoy Messi! Can’t drive his super car into Miami if it slightly rains because it floods…..Porsche Design is in Miami as much as Hollywood is. Lame.

  3. These rich people don't think about their carbon footprints while the rest of us are told to cycle to work every day! Well, I am not going to cycle to work and will continue to use my car because that is the only comfortable way of transportation for me

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