MESSI AIN'T EVEN TRYING 😂🐐| Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta United Reaction

Lionel Messi 2 goal 1 assist Inter Miami vs Atlanta United 4-0 Reaction

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16 comentarios en “MESSI AIN'T EVEN TRYING 😂🐐| Inter Miami 4-0 Atlanta United Reaction

  1. Messi is still at a high level, even if he’s on the tail end of his career. the only decline from him really has been his speed. his passing/technique/shooting are all still top tier. so even if he faces the best teams in MLS he’ll cook them all. I mean just look at what ronaldinho managed to do with queretaro and he was nowhere near his peak anymore.

  2. As an ATLien our front office has ruined the club. been watching all 5 top leagues and european footy my whole life and bocanegra is the WORST DIRECTOR/FRONT OFFICE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Never seen anybody do what hes doing, so disrespectful to both the fans and the players/former players. while hes in charge ATL will never be a playoff threat. BOCA OUT AND ATL HOE

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