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  1. The lady is asking "Is messi really that good". Bro this Messi guy had a hand in all four goals scored and he is not even trying. He just returned from vacation. No Pre-season.
    That's how good he is. He is the god of the game.

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  3. Sickens me that these guys are acknowledging a sports god now that he’s on their meaningless team, which was an astonishingly atrocious one even in comparison to all the others amidst a league of such already putrid standards. Yeah… no shit Messi is good. People have known this for a long time before you guys are shouting about it as if to claim the headline. He was scoring 60+ league goals year after year on legendary Barca clubs, on a pedestal by himself competing against the elite of the elite. He’s having a cup of coffee and collecting cash, but overall, it’s actually a tragedy that the game’s greatest player ever is going to fade away into the global obscurity that is the MLS rather than sing a swan song in a return to Barca, which was made impossible because the club’s previous management went into historic debt. Crowing about the “unbelievable greatness of Messi” this far into his career, away from top competition, in this little south beach bubble is embarrassing and cringeworthy from the outside looking in.

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