What Leo Messi's Inter Miami debut and GW-goal means for MLS and American soccer | What's Wright?

Leo Messi’s anticipated MLS debut was movie-like, with a game-winning goal at the 94th minute to push Inter Miami to a 2-1 win over Club Azul in the Leagues Cup. However, what does this mean for the league and GOAT himself? Nick Wright breaks down why Messi’s goal and debut is a huge deal for the league, Inter Miami and American soccer.

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What Leo Messi’s Inter Miami debut and GW-goal means for MLS and American soccer | What’s Wright?

What’s Wright? with Nick Wright


13 comentarios en “What Leo Messi's Inter Miami debut and GW-goal means for MLS and American soccer | What's Wright?

  1. Messi could play for another 5 years and still be one of the best in the league. He might need to drop into the midfield when he gets really slow but he'd still be one of the best playmakers in the world regardless of league.

  2. I still can’t believe some Messi fans / people said “he should retire after the World Cup because there’s nothing left for him to win” . No I’m loving the moments he’s still giving us , it would’ve been too soon for him to go I love watching him no matter what team / league he’s in!!

  3. Messi is older , that doesn't mean he is not top5 player in the world RIGHT NOW.
    People don't understand legends of the game could play at 50 and would still dominate the MLS.
    I can bet you 1000$ if you get Ronaldo Fenomeno whit his big beer belly right now in the MLS he could score you 15+ goals in a season based on his technique and intelligence.
    He wouldn't be running around people like he did when he was 20 but he would still get results.

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