When Lionel Messi Goes shopping as a normal person | This Happened

Before Unviel at His new club, Intermiami, Lionel Messi just wanted to be a Normal person like us. He goes grocery shopping at Public, a local supermarket, butFans eventually recognized him and began asking for photos.


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  1. He thought: in the USA nobody cared about soccer, so I can have a normal life without all the fuss. Ok, but he keeps scoring mind blowing goals like that?!!! Perhaps Apple, Adidas expected 30% increanse in their sale, that would be fine and worth the investment, but 100% and 1000%, is everybody gone crazy?!!!

  2. What’s crazy is cristiano is not as successful objectively than messi in terms of competitions won, trophies and awards but Messi seems a lot more humble and like a normal family guy which is amazing and I’d suspect really hard with everything he’s achieved

  3. My good friend, I wish you check your grammar. You are actually telling us that we are abnormal or we not normal
    I respect him for everything that doesn't make us abnormal to him since we're also human beings like him.
    With all his achievements without human beings he will be nothing. Just think about it.
    Let's give him the due respect but that doesn't mean we are not to him

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